Vanterra Customs - Ride without compromise

Vanterra was founded at the Bump n Grind Cafe in East Vancouver, born out of a conversation about how needlessly frustrating the process of buying a bike had become. 

We were fed up with trawling websites, picking from a seemingly endless set of options, matching the right components and then spending days putting the whole thing together when it finally arrived.  

The question we couldn’t get past was “does this need to be so complicated?” We decided we could do better - build a brand that works for the rider, delivering quality bikes direct to your door, which can be on the road within minutes.

We ordered another round of coffee, grabbed a paper napkin (well, an iPad, but napkin sounds better) and sketched out the five key ideas which form the heart of our philosophy to this day.

Deliver value - deal directly with the riders

On too many bikes the most expensive item is the manufacturer’s logo. At Vanterra we invest in build quality first - and the aesthetic speaks for itself. We sell and deliver directly to our riders, so there’s no middle man adding a commission to the sale price. Simply put - more bike for your buck.

Healthy riders are happy riders (or vice versa?)

For us, cycling is a crucial part of boosting our mental and physical health - so the more accessible it is, the better. Our bikes arrive ready to go with minimal assembly, ideal for busy lifestyles. They’re designed to ride day in, day out, using quality components that stand up to the road and make every journey a joy.

Never, ever, settle for “good enough”

Every single bike we ship is designed, tested and hand-calibrated by our expert team here in Vancouver. We’re obsessed with quality, checking each component and fixture to make sure everything works together. Nothing goes out of the door that we wouldn’t be delighted to ride ourselves (and we’re pretty hard to please).

Look after the planet, we’ve only got one (so far)

There’s no point cycling if you’re wrecking the environment to do so. We focus on sustainability throughout our supply chain and production process, always looking to reduce our footprint. Right now we’re just shy of 100% recyclability of our packaging materials - and we’re pushing hard for that last few percent. 

Listen to the riders - they know what works

Our relationship with our riders is at the heart of our success - if you’re happy, we’re happy. If there’s anything you need, you can always get straight through to one of the team here in Vancouver, and we’ll get right on it. If you just want to call up and talk bikes - we can do that all day!