Our Story

Vanterra was founded in the heart of Vancouver BC quite literally from a local coffee shop in East Van (Bump n Grind Cafe). The idea sparked when two former colleagues started questioning the quality and price of every day bikes.

Have you ever been inside a bike shop overwhelmed and confused by all the options? 

Our founders thought so. They believe price tags in bike shops are too high. The quality of materials/components too low and the purchasing process too  confusing and complicated that they set themselves a goal; to provide an experience where compromise isn’t an option.

Price is important them, but equally so are quality, style, dependence and functionality.


Born from a deep knowledge of E commerce and a passion for cycling, they set out to fill a hole in the market.

The idea was simple, cut out the distributor and work directly with the manufacture to design a unique durable product built to last.



Why Choose us?



As direct to consumer pioneers we benefit from the cost savings of selling direct to you, no dealers no middlemen.

Our direct relationship with our manufacture means we can focus on what's important. Giving you unrivaled quality at a price below the market. 


All our bikes are 96% assembled. Our in house mechanics align the rear and front disc brakes and calibrate the front and rear derailleur. Making assembly a breeze.

Designed and Engineered in Canada

We’re obsessed with perfection. That’s why we do all our quality control, design and engineering in our HQ in Vancouver, BC Canada. 

Risk & Cost free shipping 

Your bike should be in mint condition when it reaches you and if it doesn't we will make it right. 


At Vanterra, every day, we set ourselves a challenge – to give you unrivaled quality at a price below the market.