The SUP Story

Back when we first had the idea of launching a standup paddleboard, we were kind of stuck on one question - how to make it as unique as our bikes?

As it turned out, the bikes kind of led us to the answer. If you’ve visited Vancouver, you’ll know it’s famous for its vibrant street art, especially murals (they even have their own annual festival!)

A couple of us were riding through the city one evening, heading to a meeting about board designs when we passed a huge mural at (*) and it just clicked!

(*street address or neighbourhood would work well here)

“We’re a proud Vancouver brand - let’s collaborate with some of the amazing artists we share our city with.”

We started reaching out to some of the people behind the art and got a positive response right off the bat. We’re delighted to be working with Kari Kristensen on our first ISUP. 


Artist focus - Kari Kristensen


Kari was one of the first people we linked up with regarding the collaboration idea. Originally from Ontario, she now works out of a studio in the historic 1000 Parker Street building - a true Vancouver landmark.


She’s a printmaker, working primarily with linoleum and creates reimaginations of traditional landscape forms, imbued with humanity and emotion.


“It's about how I feel about the landscape, whether that is the way that the shadow falls across the face of a mountain cliff, for example, or the way that the rain is falling through the sky or the way that the mountains are reflected in the water. The way that it makes you feel when you look at it — that's what I'm trying to capture.” - Kari 


We love her work, but just as much we’re impressed by her process - the precise and meticulous work required reflects our own obsession with quality and detail. 


(This could be on the artist page or product page):


Our first edition features two of our favourite pieces of Kari’s work - each with its own connection to the project.